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Fit-in 15 is a public education initiative of the Canadian Chiropractic Association aimed at motivating sedentary Canadians to start a physical activity habit by fitting in 15 minutes of focused activity a day.

The chiropractic profession is ideally suited to addressing physical fitness through public education among patients and the public. The CCA has created this public education program to provide you with practical, community-based tools you can use to network in your community and share your expertise. The Fit-in 15 website is also a go-to place to direct existing patients who express an interest in getting in shape or who would benefit from simple stretches and strength exercises.

How is the CCA Supporting Fit-in 15?
The CCA is bringing Fit-in 15 to the attention of government, public health agencies, consumer groups, other health professionals, and the media. Fit-in 15 puts the profession’s best foot forward! We hope you will find ways to bring the program to your community and patients.
Ways You Can Use The Program

Fit-in 15 is a grass roots public education program that has the best qualified health professionals in Canada behind it – Canadian chiropractors.  Here are some of the ways you can use the program with patients and to expand your community networking:

1. Fit-in 15 is a great practice resource and added value for your patients. Display the hand-out in your clinic.  Direct patients to the website for either select stretches and exercises or to motivate them to become more physically active.  Ask patients to use the My Calendar feature on the website which they can print-out and bring in to show you how they are doing.

2. Put a link to the Fit-in 15 website on your clinic's website. Click here for the Fit-in 15 logo.

3. Distribute the hand-out to community centres, workplaces, clubs, churches and other places where adults congregate in your community.

4. Arrange to give presentations on Fit-in 15.

For example:

  - Organize a presentation at your clinic and promote it with posters or a public 
    service announcement in your neighborhood or local media.

  - Team-up with a fitness instructor or an employer in your community to give a
    presentation. It’s a great way to build your relationships while reaching out to
    the potential patient population.

  - Visit community centres, libraries, pharmacies and other places frequented by
    adult Canadians and offer to give a Fit-in 15 presentation.

5. Encourage patients in your practice to come in for a fitness screening.  Take a look at the simple screening worksheet here on the website.

6. Let other health professionals know about the program and encourage them to consider referring patients for a fitness evaluation or co-hosting a presentation.

What's in the Program?

The Fit-in 15 website contains materials for the public and materials for the practitioner.  Here’s a summary of the practitioner tools.

A full-colour hand-out to introduce the Fit-in 15 program and encourage people to visit the website.  Copies of the hand-out can be obtained through the CMCC Supply Centre and Bookstore: Toll Free: 1-800-268-8940 Tel: (416) 482-1532 Fax: (416) 482-9745.  Click here for an order form.

PowerPoint Presentation
An illustrated PowerPoint presentation on Fit-in 15 to give to patient groups and the general public.  NB:  open the PowerPoint presentation in the “Notes Page” view on your computer so that you can see the speaking remarks that accompany each slide.  (Open the presentation, then click “View” on the top navigation bar of your computer, then choose “Notes Pages” from the drop down menu.  The speaking remarks will appear on the screen below each slide on your computer monitor.  You can print them out for easy reference during a presentation.

Fitness Evaluation Worksheet
This worksheet comprises a questionnaire and suggested list of physical tests to evaluate a patient’s ability to become involved in the Fit-in 15 program.  The primary purpose of the evaluation is to identify any red flags that might affect the individual’s ability to undertake 15 minutes of moderate, focused, physical activity a day.

Public Health Agency of Canada Resources

The Fit-in 15 website contains links to Canada’s Physical Activity Guides for more ideas on healthy active living:

Fit-in 15 – another great practice tool to help you share your expertise.

You may also be interested in the recent research on promoting physical activity published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health:

Advancing physical activity measurement and guidelines in Canada. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology: Supplement 2007, 32 (S2E) : (S1-S224). Co-published by Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, and the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Favoriser les lignes directrices et la mesure de l'activité physique au Canada. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Supplement 2007, 32 (S2F): (S1-S249) Publié par Physiologie appliquée, nutrition et métabolisme et la Revue canadienne de santé publique.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Maureen McCandless, Director of Communications, the Canadian Chiropractic Association1-877-222-9303 or 416-585-2970. E-mail:

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